Outside of School with Mrs. D.

In early July 2012 I took a day trip with my husband to Ledyard, Connecticut where we visited the Pequot Museum.  The museum is a first-class destination, with beautiful architecture, amazing Native American art, and an incredible walk-through replica of a Pequot village as it would have looked in the 1500's.  Here I am pictured in the lobby and if you look behind me you can see part of a huge carved longboat with realistic Native American men paddling the boat.  The museum guide told us that real people of Native American descent were cast in plastic resin to make the life-like models. Each figure is unique right down to the wrinkles on the feet!
Check out the museum for yourself at www.pequotmuseum.org.  I highly recommend it!

On the last day of school this year, which was June 18th, I got to go to an art show in Pawtuxet Village that featured artwork by some of my students.  Pictured here are (l to r) Danika, Sophia, yours truly, and Alex.  These girls supplemented their school art classes that I teach with art lessons from a private instructor.  They really got to explore in-depth personal assignments which they were very excited to share with me.  It was a great show with students from the elementary level to my "big girls".  They are all off to the high school now, and I will miss them greatly! Good luck!

Hi everyone!  Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to all!  This is a picture of one of my Christmas trees this year.  I set it up in my dining room on the server.  This year I had two small trees like this one, and a full size tree in the living room.  I like this area of my decorations because it is where I put all of the fun and traditional ornaments like santas, snowmen and gingerbread guys.  Some of the older pieces on the tree are vintage German ornaments and are painted wood.  In the foreground, I also have one of those spinning decorations with the little people that twirl around when you light the candles.  Just a sampling of my Holiday decor for 2011!  I hope you enjoy seeing it. 

Hey everyone!   Summer has been going well for Tamari!  Here he is sitting outside on the deck enjoying the warm weather  and pretty scenery.  I bet if you look up "spoiled" in the dictionary you might just find his picture!  I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation , too :) 

Here are the gardens in the front of  my house.  I really enjoy arranging all of the plants and watching them bloom and grow over the spring and summer months.  If you look closely, you can see some succulent plants in the front left side.  They form big mounds of green leaves and are called "sedum".

    Above is a picture of oriental poppies that are in the front garden near my door.   You can see the very large buds that are almost ready to open. I wait to see what they will look like because I forget which plants have certain colors so it's always interesting to see what blooms!

One beautiful poppy opens first.

Then they all start to bloom!

      Here are some of my paintings that were on display at the Warwick Museum of Art.  I love animals, and I especially love deer and dogs.  For these paintings, I have created an animal that some people think looks like a combination of these animals!  These paintings were made with acrylic paints and have a clear gloss over them to make them really shiny. 
     There are actually two different paintings shown here.  The top picture has many little paintings combined to tell a story.  The bottom picture was inspired by a trip I took to Arizona a few years ago.  I hope that you like them and that you think they are interesting to look at!