Mrs. D's Artwork

Here is another mixed-media collage I made for my RISD class.  I used a variety of materials including magazine, photocopies, drawings, tissue paper, acrylic paints, matte medium, gloss medium and colored pencils.  You might be wondering what that awesome raised texture us in the upper half of the image: it's the tape that my husband uses to wrap the handle of his softball bat!  I just layered it and folded it to make sort of a land mass like a hill.  I especially like the polluted river with the dead ( note upside-down swimmers) and dying fish with the "grill" marks!  This was the first piece I made; you can see the others below so please check them out!

This picture of the mixed-media relief below allows you to see more of the depth and overall construction of the image.  There are several shallow levels within the composition.

A mixed-media collage made for a class I am taking at RISD

I have been working hard on a new group of work for the class I am taking on Wednesday nights through the Continuing Education Department at The Rhode Island School of Design.  The piece above is titled "Ancient Echoes" and shows several figures traveling across the image toward the tunnel-like area at the left.  The figures are reproductions of an original photograph that I took while walking through a construction site.  On my walk I saw a very cool area of erosion in the soil that looked like a wishbone.  I ended up using this shape repeatedly as the figures in this piece.  It's hard to see from this picture, but the tunnel area is 3-dimensional and comes off the page a few inches; it kind of reminds me of a ramp in a skatepark.  The figures are printed on frosted mylar and the big one to the right is attached with nails so that it looks like he is floating above the background.  The entire image is 12x18 and also includes monotypes, found images, acrylic paint and metal hooks.  Overall, I am very pleased with this image!  The people in my class also thought it was interesting and thought-provoking.  One person in the class said that it looked like something from the show, " Ancient Aliens."  I think she was right on track with that comment!

      Here are some of my paintings that were on display at the Warwick Museum of Art. These were done well before the images above and below these paintings.  You can certainly see the development of my style, or at least a change in my moods! As you may know, I love animals and I especially love deer and dogs.  For these paintings, I have created an animal that some people think looks like a combination of the two! These paintings were made with acrylic paints and have a clear gloss over them to make them really shiny.  
    There are actually two different paintings shown here. The top picture has many little paintings combined to tell a story.  The bottom picture was inspired by a trip I took to Arizona a few years ago. It is quite large, about 18 x 24. I hope that you like them and that you think they are interesting to 
look at!

Here is a picture of another collage I made for the class I took at RISD called "Experimental Works On Paper. " Basically, we could make any 2-dimensional image using any media of our choice.  This piece is called "Tried and True" but I probably should've titled it "Trojan Bambi".  You know the story of the Trojan horse, right?  Well this piece is my somewhat humorous take on that event, or at least an event with a similar strategy!  It was made from hundreds of painstakingly cut pieces of printed clipart.  In fact, the entire piece contains no drawing whatsoever.  Even the shadows are paper scraps that I have glued into the scene.  It is a pretty large piece, approximately 15 x 18.  My eyes were really challenged (exhausted) when I was working on this piece!  Please check out the close-up views included below to see the details.  I had it framed under glass and showed it in the juried 2012 RI Art Educators exhibition at The Krause Gallery in Providence.  I was thrilled to receive an "Honorable Mention".  That means I placed 4th out of about thirty or so pieces submitted. I was quite pleased that my "Bambi" was recognized and appreciated by others!
It's hard to see all of the little soldiers since they are basically just line drawings with no shading.
All of the shadows are applied by hand with a glue stick... there is no drawing on this piece at all!
All of the leaves on this foliage had to be carefully cut and then placed into the scene with a glue stick.  I really tried to capture a sense of movement with the composition so I have angled the deer so they spread out over the scene away from the large toy deer which is the obvious focal point. Using characters in a variety of sizes helped me to establish a sense of depth.  It was fun to work like this, but kind of like a big puzzle where I needed to figure out where each piece would have the perfect fit! In the end, I was happy with the finished piece.  it gave the adult students in my RISD class a good chuckle and made them take a second look.  That's really all I could ask for!