Monday, May 27, 2013

Emoji Design: Show us how you really feel!

Different colors and facial features make each group of faces so ...
Unique and expressive!

Although your average emoji  is adorable and yellow and smiley, we quickly figured out that there were numerous variations to discover.  My students did an awesome job of showing a range of expressions in their page of emoji faces!
For this assignment my 8th grade Visual Art students designed and painted a page of six or more emoji faces. If you have a phone with texting capabilities then I bet you have seen these yellow smiley face icons before.  All of my students were interested and excited at the prospect of designing a range of different emojis. We discussed the way that facial features can give the viewer a lot of information about how a character is feeling. I encouraged each student to draw faces that expressed different moods or character traits.
We used rolls of masking tape as tracers so no one got hung up on taking too much time to make the circles. Features were drawn in pencil, outlined with sharpie and painted with watercolor paints.  Of course there were demonstrations and discussions about line quality when outlining and watercolour techniques. We also experimented with creating a range of light and dark values and using contrasting colors. I think you will enjoy our work so check it out!


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