Saturday, April 20, 2013

Capturing Candid Moments!

These friends are ready to party!  They exude style with each girl wearing cool accessories and a youthful hairstyle.  Most importantly, student artist Morgan A. has created a collage group portrait that feels as though we are looking at a specific moment in time; a moment that is candid and authentic among friends.
For some reason I picture these girls as art students in new York City.  They just have a sense of coolness and a funky style all their own.  Katerina H. is a talented student artist with awesome design skills as you can see here!
When it comes to creativity none of my students can top Tamar G! Inventive and unusual are two of the words that describe her collage of this candid moment.  The variety of sizes, colors, textures and characters is amazing!
Easy there, buddy!  There was no rule that said monsters couldn't be used in this assignment, and Ben T. from Period Five took advantage of this option.  The little guy in the middle doesn't know what to make of this weird moment!
Hee hee!  What's so funny?  I'd like to know, but student artist Chelsea L. isn't letting us in on her secret.  Great use of hands to help add expression and personality to these figures, don't you agree?
Hey friends!  I bet this a group of the " popular kids" in school.  I think they look like they are ready for some fun or something funny has already happened!  Cailyn from Period One is always sure to add many details to add personality to her work and I appreciate her extra effort on every assignment!
Whoa!  What is this guy doing?  I don't think I'd be up for a hug from him!  In this candid moment it looks like these girls aren't impressed with his affectionate ( or creepy) gesture either! Good work, Alissa!
Oh how I love your work, Hannah B. from Period One! Here she shows us her amazing work that has original and interesting characters as well as an excellent use of contrasting colors.  Top notch in my book!
I really like how Sean R. from Period Four shows his figures in different positions.  We have a profile view, a frontal view and a three-quarter view.  Nice way to add variety and create interactions between the figures!
Oh my, what do we have here?  I'm not so sure about the gender of all of these folks, but they seem to be enjoying each other's company.  The older lady to the left seems to be all dressed up for this event even sporting red gloves!
In this collage, student artist Eddie C. uses a vertical composition so he could fit one figure with his arms raised over his head.  I especially like the quirky dog-faced friend who is chillin' with these cool guys.
I Love the action in this candid image of a group of friends! The choice of colors adds contrast and clarity to the scene.
Breanna B. used overlapping and put her figures in different positions to add interest.  Well done!

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome, I think I'll have to do this with Chloe one weekend, Aussie Glenn from instagram :)