Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Models Strut Their Stuff...

Here are the rest of the pictures of my students wearing their finished paper tunics.  Check out the symmetry and balance of the designs and repeating colors that cover the entire paper "fabric".  Was this lesson fun? Oh, it was lots of fun!  Was it easy?  No, it was tons of work!  In the end, the pictures speak volumes about the students' interest and participation; so the effort, planning and time were all worth it!

Alex and her group had very unusual symbols including a claw-footed bathtub, The Alamo, lips with vampire fangs and cowboy boot ice skates!  She wore her cowboy boots for the presentation day to coordinate with the tunic!  How cool is that?!

The back had maximum impact thanks to the awesomely spooky purple vampire bat in the middle of the radial design.  There were also small paper bats floating around the collar and hemline areas.  There was no lack of imagination with this group!
This is another great example of a radial design on the back of a tunic.  Here Brian L. shows us a great cityscape that seems to beam with light thanks to the repeating diagonal lines.  Well done!

You can see Jessica working on coloring the back of this one in an earlier post.  Here she wears a tunic that looks a lot like a woven poncho.  The use of many symbols that are close together gives the garment a patchwork look.  You can find camels, the pyramids, toilets, and a female character who happens to be a plumber. There was quite a story connecting these ideas together!

Needless to say , the female plumber had her heart broken by someone!

Hannah P. is dwarfed by this stunning display of symmetry!  You can see tigers, kangaroos, the "no" symbol over a diamond ring, a crown, a pink bikini and more... 

Their person was a queen and she had great wealth!

Kyle H. from Period 3 worked on telling the visual story of a woman with two kids who is thirty-six and owns three farms.  The smaller symbols represent several different animals from her farm.  Kyle did a really nice job modeling in front of the class!

The back featured a huge saguaro cactus and the desert sun, sand and a snake.

And finally, here is Colleen from Period 2.  Her team had a slow start since they couldn't agree on who their character would be.  In the end, they did a great job creating symbols for their person: a twenty-five year old party girl living in Florida, working as a hairstylist by day.  I love the way the scissors are angled in to add directional interest to the overall symmetry.  They also tweaked the outside shape and size of the tunic so that it has a more feminine fit.  Super work!

More symbols of "fun in the sun"!  And on that note, I'm signing off and bidding farewell to the tunic lesson.  I hope you had a few chuckles, were inspired and enjoyed seeing our work!

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