Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mondrian Mayhem... Yes, It's 3-D!

Check out this close-up of the super cool bulletin board featuring several Mondrian-influenced relief sculptures made by my 8th Grade Visual Arts students. At first the students had a difficult time grasping the idea that Mondrian's use of simplified shapes, primary colors, black and white was revolutionary.   In each class I heard, "What's the big deal? Anybody can make a bunch of squares and color them in." With the help of an older edition of Scholastic Magazine featuring the life and work of Piet Mondrian, I was able to instill some respect for Mondrian's theories.  
I believe that the students also came away with a greater understanding of how an artist can begin making art with one set of ideas and over the course of several years, radically change and create work to reflect new discoveries and theories.  In the end, the students developed their own ideas about aesthetics and learned some valuable art history. Most importantly they each made a really great relief sculpture while experimenting with space, depth and color.  Check the next post to see the entire process, from the construction to the painting! 

The man of the moment, Piet Mondrian. 

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