Monday, May 14, 2012

Models Of Symmetry!

Remember this tunic from the previous post?  Now it is finished and modeled by Rourke.  Notice the symbol on the front to represent their person in "The Big Apple".  I also love the way they used the skyline stencil multiple times to make an interesting hemline.  Great job!

On the day students presented their finished tunics, there was a lot of excitement in the air. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by their 8th grade enthusiasm for wearing these paper garments.  I put out my feelers to see if they would be game for modeling in front of their classmates, and in almost every case, each group had multiple candidates.  The models were selected at the beginning of the lesson since it had to be sized for that person to wear.  Another group member needed to be in charge of the oral presentation and another needed to write the story that narrated the use of symbols and how they related the symbols to the character they had created. All of these parts came together in a group presentation where they received feedback from me as well as written and verbal feedback from their peers. All in all, it was a great lesson, and the kids were really into it!
As you look at the work, remember that Junior High students like to push the boundaries and you will see some unusual combinations of symbols used to represent their groups' imaginary character traits, occupations, and lifestyle.  I'll let you decipher the work yourself!

An ocean-inspired design tells the tale of a mermaid.  Brianna C. Models this great design in Period 2.

A heart-shaped tunic is worn by Kam from Period 1.  It features an odd couple and their fondness for video games, steak and potatoes and living in Hollywood, among other things...

Nicole's group did a nice job representing their imaginary person, a twenty-something who is British, a wealthy fashion designer who still lives with her parents.  The dress form on the back was her idea! 

Ethan S. from Period 6 is wearing a shorter version of the tunic in tribute to his groups' character who they decided was a professional basketball player.  The bulls, sneakers and large basketball help to clearly illustrate this, but wait... what's that on the back of the garment?

It seems that tough Mr. Basketball player has a love of dolphins!  The students had a really fun time "revealing" the back designs to their classmates during each presentation.  

Okay, this one had a lot of excellent symbols, great craftsmanship,a strong use of color and a really cool scalloped edge on the hem.  Kevin was eager to wear it although I thought one of the girls on his team would end up modeling it: wrong!

That's all for now, but I have more to share in the next post!  I hope you had fun seeing this work and trying to figure out the symbolism. 

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~nick~ said...

These look great! Seems like a lot of hard work! Very creative ideas also!