Monday, April 2, 2012

Sneak Peek! Visual Antonym Boxes

Don't you want to take a peek inside?  Well, you can!

This image shows the exterior door of Alexia's 1st box.  She chose the antonyms "Unique" and "Ordinary" for her artwork.  Underneath you can see the interior of the unique box, where she used a variety of found images to create this exciting composition to visually define her word. The strong use of contrasting colors really helps each detail show up!

Craft sticks helped Alexia show an ordinary door which opens to a visually appealing, but "ordinary" scene shown below.  Fabric, more craft sticks and "pop-ups" underneath some pictures helps to create a real sense of depth.  Beautiful work!

Be sure to check back soon to see many more very cool visual antonym boxes!

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