Saturday, April 7, 2012

Attractive Opposites! More Visual Antonym Boxes.

These two boxes show the facades of different "doors" that invite the viewer to take a closer look and open the door to reveal the student's interpretation of the meaning of summer and winter.

Below we see the interior of the winter box, which is mostly collage as well as some found materials like fiberfill to represent snow.  There are pink pipe cleaners connecting the two sides of the box and they also serve as functioning "hinges" to open and close the door.

The summer box is full of fun!  I encouraged students to use the entire interior space of the box and this is a great example of that.  The man doing a back flip off the cliff is actually raised from the back of the box with a simple pipe cleaner "pop-up".  These great-looking boxes were made by Shae J. in period 1.

This next set of boxes was created by Danika in period 2.  She decided to include the definition of her pair of antonyms as a part of the design of her doors.  It is difficult to see in the photos, but each window has the dictionary definition of each word.  She also added fabric curtains in a simple and a complex fabric!

The tiny blue pipe cleaner at the right of the door is a 3-d handle!
You can see the two tongue depressors underneath the box; these were used to connect the pair of antonym boxes together.  The tiny bit of orange at the top of the image shows the "handle" that allowed me to hang the finished artwork from the bulletin board. 

A simple interior of basic shapes, and minimal details contrasted well with...

The exciting and appealing interior of this complex composition.  Look closely at the profile of a plain tan face in the top box and compare it to the purple face with the curly pipe cleaner hair in the second box.  Just one of the many ways that this young artist used visual images to define her antonyms! 

Ashley Z. chose the words "safe" and "dangerous" for this lesson.  Here she explores combinations of magazine images to create an appealing collage featuring things to show safety.

This image totally cracks me up although it is pretty serious.  This door certainly gets the message out that bare feet on hot coals is really dangerous! 

More danger lurks in the interior of this box including a giant venomous snake, a woman with a pick ax and a group of soldiers with automatic weapons.  Yikes, this is a dangerous place!

This set if boxes was created by Robert G. in period 6.  He did a really great job of using humor in his "human" box because he experimented with adding unusual proportions for some details, such as the fork and bowl.  The animals are a nice contrast with the comical humans in the other box.

Madison P. did an impressive work with the antonyms "clean" and "dirty".  She did a wonderful job of establishing a color palette that helped define each word; dirty has many brown and warm tones while clean uses many cool blues and a lot of white.

Mmmm.. looks like some rotten food and a few maggots have shown up to hang out on the interior of this "dirty" composition!

And the scariest box of all goes to Anya D. from period 1.  It is so visually powerful that I'll let you figure out what her antonyms were, although I will say that it  has nothing to do with a place in the clouds!

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