Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning About Landscapes!

Sakari worked hard to shade a range of values with an ebony pencil on this awesome drawing of a very cool tree.  I especially like the intricate branching pattern and the delicate leaves that are shaded with a very dark value.

So it's hard to believe that we have reached the last unit for my first semester students.  In other words, the school year is half over!  It has been a very fast year full of new lessons and experimentation.  I decided to end the class with a unit all about "Landscapes". 
The unit consisted of a series of small assignments that I asked the students to store in a paper portfolio.  After completing all four lessons, they self-assessed and then received written feedback from me.  Of course, along the way we had tons of discussions about works in progress.  I am including several examples of the different lessons, all landscapes, but each with a different emphasis.  I hope you enjoy viewing this work!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback!

Sophia C. has created an image that captures the peaceful calm of an island paradise.  The stillness in the water allows us to clearly see the wonderful reflections of the palm trees.  Using an eraser to erase out some areas of the ebony pencil helps to make the illusion of  the reflections even more realistic.  Super work, Sophia!
A great example of our first Landscape lesson.  The students worked from inspiration pictures that we found in magazines.  The photos were in color and the students needed to translate the lights and darks into gray tones.  This picture was made by Tyler M. in Period 5.

Ariana's inspiration picture was an aerial view of a farm.  This sort of view is fun because the land has a totally different sense of perspective.  You get to see what a bird would see!

Leah had a challenging picture of the sand dunes in the desert.  It was very important that she use very strong dark values to contrast with the lighter areas.  This helps to create the illusion of hills and shadows.  She did an excellent job!

I really like the sense of space that this picture by Brian J. has.  Notice the very small trees in the distance, and the stormy sky with a lightning storm!

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