Sunday, February 5, 2012

Landscape Lesson #2: Magazine Collage.

Cut and torn pieces of magazine pictures are carefully arranged and glued in place to represent  this tropical landscape.  If you look back one post to the first lesson on landscapes you can compare Sophia C's. drawing of this scene to this second version as a collage.  Both are well done and pay great attention to value and detail.

The next lesson in our "Landscape Unit" was a magazine collage.  I asked students to re-visit the same inspiration photos that they worked from for the first lesson on ebony pencil shading.  This time, I challenged them to look closely to see all of the wonderful textures and the range of subtle values in each area of their photo.  I hope that you will be able to see the attention to detail that the students used as they assembled their collages.  These images are made on
9 x 12 white paper and the magazine is cut or torn and then attached with a glue stick.  This lesson is straightforward, with no "tricks"; just a good old-fashioned art exercise that really gets the students to problem-solve and make good decisions about their work!  My students found the process to be challenging and they were thrilled with the result s.

This collage was created in layers: I suggested that the students begin with the background areas first, then continue to build forward into the middle ground.  The foreground, the area which is at the bottom of the picture was layered on top of the other parts.  Tiny details like the houses and the trees are added right over the larger areas of land.    
Megan's collage uses a combination of vivid bright colors and rich deep colors.  The resulting contrast is fun to view because there is a path for the viewer's eye to follow through the bend of the road.  Now that's what I call a bend in the road!
This image of "Men in a Boat" is calming and peaceful.  The student artist, Nolan, searched for magazine pictures in a variety of cool tones such as blue and violet. The darker mountains are behind the lighter ones and this helps to create a feeling of space in the scene.
8th Grade Visual Art student Donita made this colorful collage from cut and torn magazine pictures.  I especially like the tiny shadow under the vehicle and the great sense of depth and space in the composition.

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