Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool Characters From Creative Kids!

So here are the rest of the sculptures that I photographed!  This lesson was a big hit with students and teachers and I hope that those of you in the "virtual" community are enjoying these pictures, too!  I never  let you know that they are quite large; some are over a foot in height and nearly that in width!

Hmmm....this sculpture needs to be explained due to its highly unusual subject matter.  Well, I encourage my students to have a sense of humor about their work and Matthew W. didn't disappoint!  Here is his bust of an anthropomorphic snake, a hooded cobra to be exact, and he's wearing a "hoodie" sweatshirt!  Not only was this hilarious to me and the rest of the class, but Matt's craftsmanship stands out from the crowd.  Notice the strings on the sweatshirt, and he even added a fabric hood on the back of the sculpture and a thin red tongue that sticks right out!  It doesn't get much more creative than this fella!

Here is Matt's very cool mixed-media portrait done in sepia tones.  This image served as the inspiration for the sculpture.

 Then we have this lovely character of a cheetah dressed in a hot pink kimono!  You may be wondering what the supports are underneath the shoulder area.  This sculpture was having technical difficulties in the construction phase, so we used a large cardboard spool to wedge it into for stability.  The student artist, Donita, plastered right over it and it became part of the sculpture.  It looked neat and it made the sculpture stable; now that's what I call having form and function!
The flowers were cut and hot glued on from fabric remnants.
Avery, in Period 1 made this bust of a "mystery" animal; certainly a mammal, perhaps a mule, deer, horse or other four-legged beast.  I love the basketball shirt, and the way he is painted in a range of gray values.  I offered this painting method as an alternative to using color, but most of the students headed straight to the more colorful paints. I think this looks great, and this guy's expression is a cross between shock and amazement.  Check out the second view below.
"What you looking at, people?  It's like you've never seen a mule in a basketball uniform before."

Okay, so you thought the snake sculpture was the most creative because I told you it was, right?  Well we can't forget to check out this "Royal Gorilla" created by Austin J.  from Period 3.  He certainly has an excellent abstract quality that I just can't resist, and his wealth is apparent thanks to the enormous gold crown on his head.  But wait, the back view is so impressive that you need to see it for yourself to believe it...

What swagger this guy has as he tosses his flowing robes to the side and proceeds to walk to wherever he's walking.  Could there be a "Gorilla Queen" just around the corner?  Only Austin can tell you, but I can say that we were pretty psyched with the way this sculpture turned out!
That's all for now!  Feel free to share this work with someone who would get a kick out of it... Just be sure to tell them where you saw it!

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