Sunday, December 4, 2011

Glue Batik on Fabric: The Results!

The fabrics are done!  I hope you enjoy looking at samples of some of the great batik designs that my students created during this fun activity.  We learned so much about the process of gel batik and I will definitely try this again during another semester. 

Claudia's work is detailed and stimulating!  There is a "musical" feeling in this image due in large part to the series of lines traveling through the center of the image.  It's not easy to create depth on a flat piece of white fabric, but Claudia managed to do it!  I'm impressed!

Megan M. made a piece of fabric art that has strong repeating shapes and tints and shades of blue.  Don't you think it looks like cells in a view under a microscope?  Or maybe planets in outer space?  Any way you look at it she did a super job using circles!
Samantha used a limited color palette to create a feeling of unity throughout her work.  The large area of concentric circles seems to radiate toward the smaller ones.  Maybe she was thinking about waves moving across the sand!

Vanessa was worried that she had too much going on in this composition:  I think it has everything!  Lots of variety, movement, repetition, color, pattern and fun!

Brian used circles and ovals in his composition.  There is a tremendous amount of  overlapping  throughout the design.  I really think it looks like an owl!  Can you see it?  The eyes are at the top and the blue concentric circles help the viewer to look right at them!

Matthew W had fun exploring the different ways he could use the glue to draw  with on the fabric.  He used a variety of lines including straight, wavy, curved, thick and thin.  Then he filled the background with lots and lots of dots!  Very cool and original, Matt!

Patrick made this wonderful composition by using a variety of different circles including concentric, solid, partial  and repeating circles.  Overlapping the shapes adds to the degree of difficulty and adds visual interest to the image.  I also think that his choice of colors works well to create contrast throughout the image.  Great work!

Students had the choice of working on a square or rectangle fabric.  This square  fabric is Casey's and she fit a well-composed  design in a fairly small space.  The fabric is about 12 x 12 and she drew this design with glue!  The orange parts remind me of a bouncing tennis ball.  Do you see it too?

Leah used symmetry to divide up the space in her circle composition.  I especially like the way she used different values of yellow in the background area.  Good work!

The fabrics needed to sit in a bath of hot soapy water for a few minutes to loosen up the glue.  Then the real fun started as each student needed to use the scrub brushes to get off all of the glue.  The fabrics were rinsed with cool water and squeezed to get out most of the water.  I set up an area on the supply table where the fabrics were pressed between layers of newsprint paper.  This helped to flatten them and remove any remaining water.
Maddie C's fabric features pastel colors and a  lot of movement in this composition.  It reminds me of  decorated  Easter eggs in the fresh green grass!  Keep in mind that all of the white areas on every example of  this project were drawn in gel glue and then rinsed off to reveal the bright, clean white underneath.  Those are Maddie's hands and her fabric in the sink in the picture above.

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Mary said...

I just came across your blog via Pinterest. These gel batiks are FANTASTIC! I'd proudly frame any one of them. Kudos to you and your students!