Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gel Glue Batik : Beginning the Process.

So here is a summary of the first parts of the process of making our amazing batik fabrics. This lesson was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of work for all of us.  In the end, the pay off was BIG since everyone got to create a unique piece of fabric art. The kids were psyched to see the great results of their hard work. Soon I'll be sharing lots of pictures of the finished work!
 The students worked from a pencil sketch of their best circle composition.  They used the glue to freehand draw onto the white fabric.  Some students were nervous about "messing up" but everyone soon realized that if they made a mistake the only option was to turn it into something else.  In the end, there were no major catastrophes and everyone tried their best to concentrate on their work during this part of the process.  It was important to remember that the glue would spread as it dried; lines couldn't be placed too close to each other or they would blend together.

Drawing with gel glue takes concentration and a steady hand!
Katelyn  painted her fabric with acrylic paints in different values of pink, orange and green.
The glued dried in a couple of hours, so when the students came to class the next day the fabrics were ready for paint.  We used Crayola Portfolio acrylic paints and we diluted them so that the paint was applied in a medium consistency.  It was okay if some of the paint went on the dried glue, but I encouraged everyone not to paint right over the glue. Eventually we would need to scrub off the dried areas of glue to reveal the white fabric that was protected underneath.  We all thought it would be easier to rinse if we didn't seal in the glue with a layer of acrylic paints.

Darren used darker colors on his shapes and a light blue on the background.  Notice the orange tape that we used to keep the fabric from shifting around while we painted.

The painting process took a few class periods to complete, and the fabric had to be totally dry before the scrubbing and rinsing could begin. I had the students lay their wet fabrics on the floor indifferent areas of the room to help keep the classes organized.
 The amazing results will be included with my next post!

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