Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspired By Expressionism

This image was painted by a male student in the 8th grade.  His work explored his discomfort with time. He painted the figures inside a close-up view of an hourglass to show that time is constantly bringing us closer to the end of our lives.  He did a great job using different tints and shades of blue in this image.  I still can't believe the level of sincerity, originality and thoughtfulness my students put into this assignment!  All of the images for this lesson are painted on 12 x 18 paper with tempera paints.
The image below was created by an 8th grade female student as she explored her feelings about bullying.  The four figures in the front of the picture have bullied the blue figure who is alone.  She told the class that her work was influenced by the colors Joseph Minton used in his paintings.

This conte sketch and the painting below were created by an 8th grade female student.  She wanted to express her  feelings about child abuse.  She decided to modify her original sketch only slightly, by adding the dolls around the dollhouse.  Notice the big, vacant-looking eyes.  She told me that she did the eyes like this because she saw them in the Kathe Kollwitz images we viewed. I really like her use of a green background with the orange-tone of the figure's skin.  These secondary colors really make the image "pop."

This is the sample painting that I made to show how the cake tempera paints  and conte crayon could be used to create different textures, tints and shades.  I worked from one of my student's ideas about a family who was coping with the loss of their father.  I worked alongside the students and completed the image in about twenty minutes to show them that for this lesson it wasn't necessary to labor over accurate figure drawing.  Instead, our focus was on capturing emotion and establishing the mood of the image.

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