Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let The Light Shine Through!

Emma drew many small fragments of "glass" and added warm colors while larger background areas are in cool colors.  I love the way that the bird looks like it is surrounded by lightning! Emma used this to symbolize "power" which was part of the meaning of her name.

The stained glass pictures are finished and they are a huge success!
  Check out the great artwork here and because there are so many wonderful images I will need to do a second post with more of them!  That's a great problem to have; too much super work to chose from! 
Matthew R shows that he truly is a "Gift from God"!
Shaniya created symbols that include a bow and arrow to represent her Native American heritage.   Her name means "I'm on my way", which she showed as footprints moving across the picture.  Look at how some parts of the picture are very transparent and the symbols are very opaque.  This creates contrast!
This lovely image was created by Claudia who learned several interesting facts about her name.  Claudia means "lame" so the strings on the ballet shoes are wrapping the bird's leg like a bandage to represent an injured  leg.   The ballet shoes were used to show her love of dance,  and her last name translates to mean "black bird."  the large areas of yellow are like rays of sun that contrast nicely with the fragmented "glass" in the rest of the background.


Mrs. Art Teacher said...

what kind of colored pencils did you use for these?

one little deer said...

These are sharpies and crayola watercolor pencils. The kids learned a lot about diluting lights and darks because of the way they applied them. We colored with them dry, and then painted into them with water and nylon bristle brushes. Crayola suggests dipping them in water and coloring with a wet tip: that was too difficult to get a softly blended effect. i am very pleased with how these came out :)