Friday, October 14, 2011

A Final Look at Stained Glass

     Erin's picture makes strong connections to her Irish heritage.

The stained glass project was a great success!  The students came away with a stronger connection to their personal heritage as well as improved watercolor pencil technique.  I would recommend that anyone who wants to teach this lesson takes the time to allow the students to do the research about their names during one class period.  I was unsure about how they would respond to actually using an art class to do research on the computers, but I was pleasantly surprised by their interest level and enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy viewing these finished pictures!

Sakari found out that her name means "Sweet One".  Check out how she showed that in her work!
Sydney's last name means "to chase".  Oh!  Suddenly the fox chasing the rabbit makes more sense!
Arianna used bright colors to go with her "loud" (see the musical notes)and outgoing personality.

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