Friday, September 9, 2011

We're Off to a Colorful Start!

Colorful and interesting magazine pieces will become amazing collage compositions...check back soon!
   Welcome to a brand new school year!  I think that 2011-2012 is going to be a year of new discoveries!  The first months of summer were great and then we survived Hurricane Irene. The storm damaged many areas of Rhode Island, leaving people without electricity, phone service and in some cases, water.  Everything is back to normal (for the most part) and I am very excited to be back in school.  Now let's get busy creating some art!
   There are two very important changes this year:  my classroom (Room 9), has been expanded by having a wall removed.  The construction took place during the summer, and I came in early to design the layout of the room, set up the furniture and get everything looking "just right".  The new space is absolutely fabulous!  I am really looking forward to utilizing all of the extra space in creative ways; can you say, "How about making more SCULPTURE!?"  
    The second change is in my schedule, since this year I will be teaching only 8th grade students, rather than 7th.  It has been very nice to see the same students from last year and I look forward to watching everyone grow as artists.  Also, every 8th grade student is now required to take ninety days of art!  This means that classes meet every day for  half a year.  In 7th grade, students get to take forty-five days of art, so this is a major improvement!
   The next few posts will show the journals the students are constructing for the "At-home Assignments" I will be requiring they do.  They are looking pretty interesting and are based on each student's interpretation of two of the Principles of Design.  More on that lesson will follow soon!  


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