Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Constructing the Journals

Sophia D. adjusts the binding on her beautiful handmade journal!

Darren and Anthony work on lining up their blank pages and adding paper to the inside cover to hide the clear sticker paper that is protecting the front of the cover.
Daniel shows off some serious hand strength as he punches holes through the chipboard!

Everyone is nearing the end of the assembly process and the journals have come together nicely.  I will feature several pictures of the finished journals, but I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of students as they worked on putting them together. I will summarize the steps that we went through to make each journal:
First, students used magazine collage to thoughtfully make a composition that illustrated two of the Principles of Design. They were asked to chose the two that interested them the most.   I gave them a handout of these terms which they will keep in their assembled journal. They were required to use black sharpie marker somewhere in their design and they also had to include their first name in the picture.  After the collage was finished, they covered the front and back covers with clear sticker paper.  This paper came on a giant roll and was very difficult to work with.  Still, it was worth the trouble to have the magazine collages protected!
After the plastic was stuck on, the hole punching began.  They needed to punch holes in the front and back covers, then in ten sheets of blank white paper.  All of these parts were held together with a ribbon that we whip-stitched to form a binding.  The ends were neatly knotted and Voila! A one of a kind, personalized journal was born!  


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