Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enjoying Summer!

Here is a picture of Tamari and I enjoying the gas firepit on our deck.  The weather this summer here in Rhode Island has been great!  The humidity has been fairly tolerable considering that some years it can become almost unbearable by August.  It's been a lot of fun to spend time hanging out and relaxing on the deck with Jim and the dogs.  We were lucky enough to get some new comfortable chairs for out there and they have been a nice addition.  After this picture, Mari turned around and squished his big body into the chair where he sat on my lap for the next five minutes.  He is so funny because he doesn't have any idea that he's big!

I know that Tamari gets all of the attention in the posts on this blog, so here is a picture of Kintu with me.  Kintu is older, more serious and more shy than Tamari.  He isn't much for photo ops, so to get him to pose for this picture was a big deal.  He would rather be upstairs on the bed or sitting on the landing upstairs looking out the window.  I had to make sure that he didn't burn his tail when he turned around to get into position for the picture!  I hope your summer has been as pleasant and enjoyable as ours!

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Barbara's Thought of the Day said...

Hi Jana. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm so excited to make this connection with you. Especially after learning you are from North Bennington. I lived their for a few years, too. Small world!
I hope your school year is up and running. We just started today and the roads into Readsboro were un-freakin-believable. Washed out every few hundred feet and down to one very precariously hanging lane.
The bridge is out on RT 9 in Woodford so I had to drive to school through Mass. Oi.
Hope you have a fabulous year. Keep me posted how it goes.