Saturday, July 23, 2011

RISD Kids Go Fishing With Mrs. D.

Big fish and little students...
hold on tight and....
...reel in a hefty catch!

 I'm on Summer vacation but I've been busy working hard at The Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.  I am teaching three courses this summer: the first one just wrapped up on Friday, with the other two starting on Monday and running for the next two weeks.
The little students pictured above are from a class called "Art Start" and they are the youngest students at the school (ages 5 and 6).  It was a bit of a transition to get out of Junior High mode and downshift to Kindergarten and First Grade, but in the end it was a good experience.  Monday will require me to come back to working with students ranging in age from 12-17 in the morning session and then 9-12 year-olds in the afternoon session.  Whew!  I've literally worked with students from K-12 this year!  Talk about keeping me on my toes... isn't Summer Vacation usually a time to relax or go to the beach!?
This lesson was a mixed-media explosion that resulted in a three-dimensional stuffed fish sculpture with two different sides:  One side explored combining oil pastels and applique of aluminum foil. The other side is a crayon and watercolor resist.  The poles are large dowels combined with recycled cardboard cones glued on for handles.  Colored wires and pipe cleaners worked together to represent the fishing line and loops to guide the line and keep it untangled.
I just had to take advantage of the environment on campus by having the kids visit the canal that runs through the city.  How much fun it was to watch them pretend to reel in their catch!

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~nick~ said...

That's great that you had the experience of teaching little ones! The must have had fun! Were there any like "you know who"? lol I sure hope not! Good luck with the next class!