Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're Going Green...And Adding Thorns!

The next steps were so much fun!  I demonstrated how to use the cake tempera paints to make many types of green.  Yellow-green, mint green, olive green, dark green and all sorts of other greens emerged from the many combinations of paints that we mixed.  The cake tempera paints covered the model magic so well that all of the white areas had quickly disappeared.  We also talked about adding shadows and highlights to each stem, leaf and flower.

Julia carefully holds one of her plants as she paints.
It wasn't long before the white plants were green!

Kayda and Lexi concentrate on adding many different colors to each plant part.

After the plant parts were painted, we needed to add different colors and styles of thorns to some of the plants in the cacti family.  I originally thought that pieces of toothpicks would do the job, but I had an unexpected idea that worked out perfectly!  I asked the custodian for a "dead broom" and had the woodshop teacher cut the handle off.  Then I cut up the bristles into smaller pieces.  After some experimentation, I realized that the best way to add color to each thorn was with the side of a peeled oil pastel.  Each piece needed to be pushed into the plant piece .  No glue was necessary since the model magic was now firm and spongy. Although time-consuming, the results were realistic and visually exciting!

Molly colored her thorns orange to show contrast against her yellow-green cactus.  It kind of looks like a giant spiky prickly caterpillar at this stage!

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~nick~ said...

These look great! It looks like so much fun to be doing! Keep up the great work ! Also check my blog because the mural is done and I added a new page!