Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weirdest School Lunch Ever!

Trays of Model Magic parts for plant sculptures.

 After seeing the great results from the lesson on drawing and shading succulent plants it seemed only logical to extend the lesson to include a 3-dimensional version of this theme.  We were all excited to explore ways to use the Model Magic to represent the unique shapes found on each plant.  We tried flattening, rolling, squishing, twisting, pressing and pinching the modeling compound.  It was very cool to see how each student devised their own way of creating their plant parts.  Everyone had their own styrofoam lunch tray that worked perfectly as a great means of storing so many small individual parts.  Some parts were made separately and attached together later with a low-temp glue gun.
During this week of classes we used the alternate days to form small containers out of air-dry clay. These pots would be the container for the handmade plants each student made.  I asked students to use the basic technique of creating a pinch pot from a ball of clay.  The clay dried very slowly because of the high humidity in Room 9.  Students were able to work on painting the plant parts or the clay pots, and there were plenty of things to do while waiting for things to dry! Eventually everything got painted, even though it took longer than I expected.
In the next post check out all of the steps as we worked toward the creation of some amazing sculptures!

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