Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plants On Parade!

The succulent plants that were our models in class now are enjoying life in their new home.  I planted them in a birdbath and have them on my deck so they get plenty of sun.  I love how they look grouped together with the river rocks!
The final lesson of the unit about succulent plants is now complete!  Check out these plants from several students in many different classes.  The main comment that I heard from people at school who were not part of our class was,"Wow, those look so real!"  I would have to agree with that observation because the students really captured the essence of what a container garden looks like.  The many shades of green contrast beautifully with the unique patterns on the handmade clay containers.  Did you notice the way the plants have a life-like quality to them because of the waxy looking coating on them?  This was achieved with a topcoat of acrylic gloss medium over the tempera paints. I hope you enjoy seeing this group of plants as they parade across this final post on succulent plants!

Check out the amazing amount of thorns that Donita placed in her cactus!  I think it is saying'"hands off!"
Lynz's sculpture is fun; it reminds me of succulent plants at a birthday party!
Weird, but it must have something to do with the pattern on the pot.
Anthony filled up his pot with a few small plants with many leaves contrasting with one huge cactus!
In the last post, I showed you how Molly added thorns to her cactus.  Here we can see how she has arranged her plants in an oval-shaped container.  What a great variety of textures and colors!

I especially like the extra attention to detail that Travis  showed by adding red areas to the shortest plant.

Nick H. made a pair of thorny upright cacti in the center of his container.

Julia added many interesting shapes to fill up this brightly patterned container!


Anonymous said...

bonjourno from rome!

one little deer said...

Thanks for checking out the blog from Rome! Enjoy your time in Italy!

Hope Hunter Knight said...

oh my goodness, i just love this, and your whole blog! such a happy way to spend my saturday morning! was this fired clay or air dry?

one little deer said...

Hi! These little plant sculptures were made from crayola model magic, tempera paints and acyrlic gloss. Hope that helps!