Monday, June 6, 2011

People Say, " 7th Graders Did This Artwork?!"

Jazmin T. used a variety of different values to create shadows and add dimension to her drawing.
Her work is highly detailed and demonstrates an advanced understanding of overlapping.
She did an amazing job!
The mixed-media pictures of the succulent plants came out so great that people who see the work can't believe that 7th grade students were capable of creating such high quality work!  That makes me feel great, especially because I got to see each student really grow as a young artist throughout this unit.  Everyone in class, including those who like to say " I can't draw", improved their drawing, shading and painting skills during this assignment.
  Remember that your work will always improve if you have a positive attitude and are willing to ask for help if you don't understand how to use a certain technique.  Shading was a perfect example:  I spent a lot of time working with individual students to make sure that each person understood where to add shadows and highlights to their picture. Shading is a difficult skill to use unless you grasp the concept of how an object looks with a light source shining on it.
 I enjoyed seeing each student's confidence grow as their work progressed.  The artwork really speaks for itself, so I hope you'll enjoy viewing the amazing selection of work that follows.  Why not leave your favorite student artist a comment?  Have you tried to forward your art on the blog to someone on facebook or via email? Just use the links at the end of the post and share your work with a relative or friend!

Donita continues to impress me with the high degree of difficulty and the amount of details she adds to each part of her work.  I really enjoy looking at the particular way that she has arranged each of the thorns on the cacti:  Did you notice that the rows of thorns help to make each plant look more lifelike?  They look so round that you could grab them and pull them right out of that container...or maybe you shouldn't do that considering all of the thorns!
Casey chose to have the light in her picture coming from the right side.  You can see this by the way the shadows are cast to the left side of the pot and plants.  I also like the way that she has one of her plants bending to the outside of her container to sort of droop in front of it. Small details like that make each picture have a unique personality!
Jenna D. experimented with different combinations of plants and container shapes before settling on this uniquely designed composition.  I especially like the strong use of contrasting colors that you can see in the green cacti next to the warm-colored watercolor background.
Lexi O. made this wonderful picture.  We joked that the image looked so peaceful that it would make a great "Get Well Soon" or "Missing You" greeting card.  Her use of cool colors and a light application of those colors add to the overall feeling of calm.
Tiana fit her plants into a colorful container of her own design. Some of her plants have the added special touch of  bright flowers. This makes them as interesting to look at as Tiana is to talk with!  I enjoy her enthusiasm and hearing her ideas during Period 4.

Molly L. used a strong center light to give her container and plants the illusion of roundness. Wait until you see how cool her model magic plants look when she added thorns to them in the next part of this unit!

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