Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adding Color and Value to Plant Drawings

This color wheel required students to practice shading and layering colors.
This color wheel shows each color applied with light, medium and heavy pressure. It was shaded by Elicia N. in period 2.

Brandon L. used a variety of green colored pencils to shade a range of values.

After drawing the succulent plants in a container of their own design, the students completed two color wheels with the colored pencils.  The colors wheels served as a warm up exercise because each wheel required that a certain shading skill be practiced.  The first wheel was shaded in sections where each color was applied using different pressure to make a change from light to medium to dark. The second color wheel was shaded with each color as labeled.  Two colors were shaded over each other to create the color in between.  For example, one section was orange, another was red and then the red and orange are applied together to create a section of red-orange.  Although the colors wheels were a lot of work, the students all agreed that what they learned about using colored pencils was a great help when they shaded their drawings.  I couldn't agree more!  The finished artwork speaks for itself as you will see in the upcoming posts!

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