Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Art Inspired By Oaxaca!

Donita's use of pattern helps make her animal look like it could jump off the page!
 Here is another sampling of more incredible animals inspired by Oaxacan woodcarvings.  It is so fun to see how each one has its own personality and such a wide variety of shapes, lines, colors and patterns.  Did you notice how the frames made from collaged papers put a nice finishing touch around each animal?  It's hard to tell from the photos, but these pictures are BIG: we used 18 x 24 paper, and most of the animals fill up the whole space!  Scroll down to see if your picture is here, or maybe you'll see artwork made by someone you know! Enjoy the mini-gallery of art!
I'm not sure if those little butterflies are bothering this big rabbit that Alexia M. created!

Matt P. has a unique pattern on his huge owl:  glasses of wine!
We still aren't sure what animal this is, but it looks like Casey W. put a pink quilted vest on it!

I like the way that Starr's fox is covered with roses in soft pastel colors.

Katie L. made a sea turtle who looks very happy to be covered with really cool patterns!
Anthony M.  combined different printed paper, wallpaper and fabric scraps to create an attention-grabbing frame around his serious looking owl.

Chantavy's cat is hiding out in a background of leaves cut from wallpaper scraps.

Madison D's little bunny looks like he's hypnotized or maybe he's in love with ...?!

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Kayla S. said...

I love these they are soo cool. I miss art so much so excited for *tth grade :). also found a website i thought u might like Mrs. D spacepaintings.com its so cool