Sunday, May 8, 2011

Make It 3-Dimensional!

 I wonder why Mrs. DeSimone would show a picture of this...Read on to find out!
Yikes! What is all this stuff about?

The challenging part of the lesson was to form each of the mannequin's body parts with tan craft paper (from a giant roll) and different sizes of rubber bands.  No gluing, stapling or taping would be allowed, and the students were at first perplexed and concerned about how they would accomplish this task.
I decided that the best way to proceed would be to have each person make an empty template of a standing mannequin on manilla paper.  This provided a nice starting point and the students used this drawing like a visual map to fill in each part and measure their progress.

Mr. Mannequin says, "Hey, I'm really coming along!"

During this process of making each part we all learned that it was important to compress ( squish) each piece so that the air was out of it.  This made the parts stronger and more solid feeling so the rubber bands could hold things together better.  When all of the parts were made, the students then needed to decide on the final pose for their sculpture and use the hot glue gun to attach it to a new background paper.

Shae, Angel and Max T. all made great mannequins that each have a unique personality! Check out the way that we finished the lesson by using common office supplies to make a repeating pattern as a frame!


Nick said...

This is such a great project! Next year if you wanteed to do this project, instead of gluing them flat you could give them wire from like a coat hanger or something and tell them to get them to stand up liek the wooden manequin thing. I wonder what mine would look like if I did it? hmmm Ill see you soon!

one little deer said...

I think that would be fun! I though about that, but there were so many little parts...If we simplified the shapes even more, then maybe... The kids this year wanted to make them life-size! How cool and fun would that be?