Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animals Inspired By Oaxacan Woodcarvings

Alex C. made a beautiful array of scrolling patterns.

The students have finished working on a unit of study that included viewing a video of woodcarver Zeny Fuentes.  He is a folk artist who lives and works in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Zeny learned how to carve wooden sculptures from his father, and now this tradition continues to be passed down from one generation to the next.  Amazing repeating patterns and unusual body positions are some of the characteristics that make the sculptures created in Oaxaca so unique!  Check out some examples of high quality woodcarvings by clicking the link below.  It is fun to see the price that they are sold for and to know how valuable some of the sculptures are.  The range of colors and patterns are amazing!  I asked my students to draw and paint an animal inspired by the sculptures made in Oaxaca.  Everyone searched through magazines and collected samples of interesting repeating designs in all sorts of colors and patterns.  We worked on large white paper and used tempera paints, oil pastels and paper scraps collaged in the background areas.  The results are bright, whimsical and fun!  http://www.oaxacafinecarvings.com/

Jenny's armadillo is cute but she told me he has a meanstreak!
Matthew B. did a nice job working with a variety of blue patterns.
Luis' fish looks like he's diving down really fast!  Is he hunting for a meal?
Tim's griffin looks like he's wearing a sweater and tiger-patterned pants!
Jacob's background pattern is orange and contrasts well with the blue fish.
Megan's rabbit has many little friends to hang out with in her detailed background.
Tatum put alot of thought into making sure she used contrasting colors!
Barry's dragon is skinny because he was carved from a tree branch. I love the wings!
Elicia's animal looks 3-dimensional because of how she placed him on the paper.  See how he's coming right out of the frame?
Anya's fox is adorable in plaid and it looks like he's wearing a dotted green coat.
Sophie's animal appears to be enjoying himself as he rests within a well-coordinated background.
Ian B. used the strong contrasting colors of vivid orange and blue to make his raccoon "pop"!


chickory said...

what a great lesson plan. all of the work is highly individual and full of life. well done!

soccerchick said...

this was sooo much fun!! <3 :)

Matt said...

i like my owl :D

Matt said...

I like my owl better than these :D