Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introduction to Mannequins!

Rourke refers to the wooden mannequin as he works on drawing his people.

I found five wooden mannequins in a cupboard in Room 9 and I quickly decided that it would be fun to use them for the next assignment.  Artists study the proportions of the human body by looking at these wooden models.  Mannequins have simplified shapes and are easy to pose.  Plus, they stay still as long as your need them to, unlike real human models! 
The first activity that I presented required the students to search through magazines and find three people in three different poses.  I suggested that their people should also be three different sizes.  Each magazine person was carefully cut out and traced onto the other half of the paper.  It was important to use a gluestick to place them in the same position as the traced side so that everything looked balanced and organized. 
While looking carefully at the mannequin, the students drew their magazine people with simplified body parts just like what they saw.  All of the outside lines from the tracing step were later erased and Voila!  A mannequin person in the position of each magazine cut-outs remained! This was a super way for the students to become familiar with the parts of the figure which would prove to be a crucial skill for the next lesson.  Check back to see where we headed next!

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