Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Cities Come To Life!

Matthew C. is hard at work adding layers of oil pastels to his sculpture.
After all of the parts had been arranged and glued into place, everyone used black or dark green acrylic paint to basecoat their entire sculpture.  Even though it was okay to be messy during this step, it still took alot of patience and effort to get the paint into every little area.  Everyone was motivated to get their sculpture covered so they could move on to the awesome job of selecting a variety of colors!
Once again we talked about contrasting colors, warm and cool colors and complimentary colors. I reminded everyone that all of the little details and multiple layers of parts would become nearly impossible to see unless they made smart choices with the oil pastlels. I am happy to report that they did an excellent job with selecting and applying their colors! 
The pastels worked well on top of the acrylic paint and it was fun to mix and blend colors together.  I asked the students to outline their smaller parts with a contrasting color to help emphasize each detail.  It was so cool to see each sculpture come to life as the colors worked their magic to transform the painted wood into vibrant cityscapes!

Max had to work in the small, difficult to reach areas of the skatepark he designed!

David M. created a skyscraper constructed from plastic scraps that he cut and arranged to create a sense of balance!

Maggie M. used colors that really popped against the black basecoat!


Nick said...

Hey Mrs. DeSimone,
This project looks like so much fun! I am thinking about trying to do some sort of project like this soon! This reminds me of at RISD when we had to paint our sculpture things white! That needed a lot of patience!!! I'll come in soon to see you!

soccerchick said...

this looked like it was soooo much fun mrs. d!! cant wait to finish the cacti picture!

Maryellen said...

Hello Ms. DeSimone,

We are intrigued by your Cityscape project, and would like to discuss its possible publication in the magazine.

Please email me:

Thank you! Maryellen, Arts & Activities Magazine