Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beginning To Build!

Ryan enjoyed arranging many layers of wood scraps to create his cityscape.
Did you ever have a whole bunch of cool "junk" and not know what to do with it? Then, if you're lucky, a great idea pops into your head and all of that junk becomes a work of art!   This is the case with this lesson.  Students continued to explore architecture by arranging randomly shaped wood scraps on a cardboard background. The end results were amazing cityscape sculptures!
The printmaking project that we did before this was a great introduction to building up layers so building the this sculpture "in relief" was a logical method to use.  Basically, a relief sculpture is flat on the back
 and raised out in layers on the front.  I told the students that their challenge was to layer many parts to create depth not height. I gave everyone the choice of building a sculpture that could hang on the wall or sit on a table.
When you view this work I hope that you will see how each sculpture makes good use of the wood scraps which were from the school's wood shop.  Students in my class were not allowed to change these scraps but had to search for pieces that would work for them.  Each piece was attached with wood glue or with hot glue when pieces were not easily balanced.  Originality and exploration were the most important parts of this activity and the results are exciting to see!
The first images of these sculptures show the materials in their original unpainted state.  Be sure to see how the use of acrylic paint and oil pastels change the look of each city as the project continues in the
next posts!

A view of some of the works in progress as they filled up Room 9.

Miranda used many scraps with curvy edges.  Her sculpture has a playful personality!

Arianna and Hannah A. experiment with adding plastic pieces.



Miss said...

This is such a cool project. Can I ask maybe a dumb question: where did you get/find all the wood scraps? I'd love to try this out but have no clue where to find this amount of wood scraps....

one little deer said...

Hi and thanks for the comment/question!
I was fortunate to have a wood shop class across the hall from my art room. This year they changed the woods class to an intro to robotics class, so i will not be able to get my hands on that amount of scraps either. :( I am in the process of having the three high schools in my system save me scraps from their woodshop programs! Hope that helps.

Anderson Leitão said...

Amazing art project... lovely!

Congratulation from Brazil.


Leeann said...

I am so excited about this project! I have 4th grade students who study architecture in art, and I was given boxes of wood scraps of various shapes an sizes last school year that I was trying to come up with a creative use for. This is an incredible idea, and I'm excited to try it!