Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Final Look At Finished Prints!

I am very proud of Maggie's series of wonderful prints and I know she is, too!
Doesn't the print in the upper right corner look like an Impressionist painting?

The work that every student produced as a result of this lesson is interesting to view because of the unique nature of the crayon rubbing technique.  Can you see how the imperfections and irregularities in each print make each finished piece special? You can make multiple prints but each one has it's own hand-made appeal.
 Just by changing the colors the image takes on a different look and overall mood.  Which prints do you like the most?  I tend to like the pictures that have warm colored paints on the architecture. It is also neat that you can keep the printing plate and store it until you want to use it again in the future. 
When this lesson was finished, I was excited to keep working with the theme of architecture! The unit on Exploring Architecture continued with a lesson that proved to be a huge undertaking: each student created a three-dimensional cityscape constructed from recyled plastic parts, cardboard and wood scraps! 
Check back soon to see how that lesson developed...
A close-up of Arden's architecture print created with neutral black crayon and cool colored watercolor paints.

The same architecture print but with neutral brown crayon and warm colored watercolor paints.
Isn't it strange how the whole image changes just by using a different color plan?


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