Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here come the birds!

Justin C worked very hard to make his bird's wings which were patterned with black and white feathers.
Shaniya's Canadian goose floats through a background that has many textures.  

Rourke made a swan that has a sense of weight, yet is light and airy.
Sakari shows her skills with soft shading and lighter values.
Devon H. explored using darker values to create contrast with his bird.
Patrick L. shows his bird's feet gripping the branch.
Brandon G. created a rough scratchy texture on the branch.
Mackenzie P. shows a range of values in her picture.

I have included some really great drawings that are just a sample of the work the students created for this part of the unit I taught on the theme of "Birds."  These drawings are truly impressive especially when you consider that they were made by seventh graders!  Many of these kids had never learned about the use of ebony pencil to shade a range of values or to create textures in a drawing.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing how each student shows an individual way of using the pencil to achieve a drawing style that is all their own.  The students were surprised by their progress and thrilled with the results of their efforts!


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Maggie said...

I really love the birds! I love sakari's a lot