Friday, March 11, 2011

Birds in color!

 Shae is adding a colored pencil background to contrast with the collage on the bird.
 The second lesson in the unit about birds required students to work with the same image in a different way. I thought it would be beneficial for the kids to reproduce their photo using colorful media, so I chose magazine collage and colored pencils. The concept was that through careful observation each bird picture could be created to show a range of values in the full spectrum of color.
Most students found this assignment to be more challenging than the ebony pencil assignment! I think that the results are wonderful and the lesson provided students with a wealth of new techniques as well as information about color theory.

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Nick said...

I have come from the future! and the birds look fantastic! And because of the change, you will get more comments and thoughts ;) You already have three (not saying who they were from ..obviously not from me but anyway) Great job on the blog ...see you soon! ~NICK~