Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who Are These People?

In this self-portrait Ethan looks shy.

Here is a group of some of the finished self-portraits.  I was very impressed with the high level of technique the students demonstrated when they were blending the oil pastels.  I also think that it is interesting to see where each student decided to apply Model Magic to add details and interest to specific areas of their picture.  Overall, this lesson was a great success because the students were very motivated to create a self-portrait in unusual colors with a variety of art media.  Well done!
Ashlee's shirt has a great pattern!

Madison P. looks like she's got alot on her mind. What could she be thinking about?
Jacob used Model Magic in many areas.
 Don't you love his glasses and the strings on his hoodie?

Nicole M. limited her color scheme.  This helped to create a sense of unity in her picture.
Her portait looks comfortable within this environment.

Emily's work looks like it could walk out of the paper!
Mackenzie did a wonderful job using contrasting colors!


Anonymous said...

This is really cool!

Anonymous said...

love it

soccerchick said...

Nicole m. 's came out sooooo cooooolllllll!!!!! btw mrs. d i didnt get an email. :)