Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Model Magic Mania!

When the students were done applying warm and cool oil pastels to all parts of their portraits, they selected a background paper and attached their work to it.  These backgrounds were from discarded wallpaper books and offered a variety of textures, patterns, and designs to contrast with the artwork.  The students used a low temp hot glue gun to attach small recycled sponges to the back of the portrait and then glued the portrait to the background paper.  The sponges allowed a two inch space to remain between the art and the background.  We all enjoyed seeing the portraits "pop out" thanks to this simple technique! 
Finally, it was time to work with the Crayola Model Magic!  I demonstrated how the white Model Magic could be colored with markers and then kneaded to make a new color.  Students applied small pieces of Model Magic to accent parts of their portraits.  The addition of this material really added to the three-dimensional look of the project.  Highlights in the hair, details in the eyes, and patterns on the clothing were great choices for places to add Model Magic. Students used a thin line of white glue and placed their pieces right on top to dry.
In the picture above we see Seth, Emma, Evan and Maddy using a variety of Model Magic techniques!

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Seth your work looks cool!