Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool powerpoint about pencil value

I taught the students how to use an ebony pencil to make different light, medium and dark gray tones.  The students used their pencils to complete an exercise called a "Value Scale."  A value scale requires the artist to use different amounts of pressure when shading to produce the lightest light all the way to a very dark gray that is almost black.  This simple exercise is a great way for students to practice shading and control since they need to stay inside the small boxes.
    I found this simple, but very cool powerpoint on the web.  I do not know who to give the credit for making it, but someone did a nice job of illustrating the concept of creating pencil values.  I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think! Just click on this address, then click on the link in the list that says pencil value assignment.  You need to have powerpoint on your computer to view the presentation.


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Rina said...

Thanks for posting this! I am teaching my 6th grade art students value and this powerpoint will help.

Your bird drawings are lovely! I wonder if our sixth graders could be successful. I may need to photocopy the reference photos so they are all in black and white.

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