Sunday, January 2, 2011

Putting Ideas on Paper: Rough Drafts!

Emma and Emilania's awesome rough draft. This drawing is 30 x 36".

The concept sounded simple enough:  work with a partner or a team to create an original winter landscape inspired by the art of Grandma Moses.  The students quickly learned that sometimes the artwork that looks like it is the most simple is actually the most difficult to make! 
Grandma Moses was great at capturing the "good times" from her childhood memories.  Her work is fun, pleasant and childlike in the way that the objects, people and animals are painted. 
My seventh grade art students found it very challenging to make a picture that had all of these elements.  They were unsure of how to arrange the composition so that they would have room for all of the required parts.  I gave them a list of these parts so that they could work from it to stay organized and on track as a group.  Even so, many groups  experienced difficulties when it came to deciding what to draw and where to place things in the picture.
The students were asked to work from the following list:
1.  Have twelve or more people.
2.  Have five or more animals.
3.  Have three different areas of emphasis.
4.  Have a variety of trees in different sizes.
5.  Have three or more buildings.
6.  Have ten or more additional objects.
Check back soon to see how the students were able to work together to complete their landscapes!

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