Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting the Background First...

Nicole. Avery and Dylan divide the background into areas of land, sky and water.

The students moved on to very large sheets of tan craft paper that I cut from a big roll.  They used tempera paints and large brushes to mix tints and shades of white and blue.  I limited their color choices to help them learn how to establish different "regions" in the landscape without relying on a variety of different colors.  The students enjoyed mixing paints to create a range of gray tones to represent shadows, roads, pathways, ice and clean and dirty snow.  I recommend that you use paper plates for palettes because of the large amount of paint that the students will need to mix.  Clean up is a breeze;  just throw away the plates!
Thanks to Social Studies teacher Mr. Hovey for his donation of the hospital scrubs that we use as "messy shirts."  Everyone enjoys being an "Art Doctor" and looking cool while our clothes stay clean!

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