Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing Winter Landscapes!

This picture by Miranda, Madison and Devon is playful and bright!

After working for several days, each team finished the assignment.  We hung the paintings on the large bulletin board in the back of the room and discussed the work during a group critique.  The students enjoyed looking closely at their peers' paintings to see if they had met the criteria for the lesson.  Each picture was very different in the way that the criteria was met; however, they all shared similarities with the art we had studied by Grandma Moses.  Take a moment to look at the finished work I have included here.  What parts are similar?  What did each team do that is different from the other paintings? Which painting is your favorite?

Small details rule in Nathan, Madison S., Steven and Mackenzie's painting.

I love the sense of depth in this painting.  Did you notice how the two fences and the gray road lead your eyes to the back of the picture?  We discussed the possibility of adding more people and animals in the gray area near the red barn.  The students agreed that this would be a good idea, but due to time constraints this never got to happen.  It is still a very well-composed and interesting painting!

Sophia, Dan, Brandon and Christina capture a carefree time in their painting!

This is one of the final paintings where the characters had the most sense of movement.  Notice how each person is doing something: from tossing a snowball at a friend, walking a dog and heading to church with a child.  This group did an excellent job of identifying "character in action" as an important part of what makes Grandma Moses' paintings so much fun to look at!  The road and the river also work well together to sort of "frame" this activity in the scene.  The color choices are great too, because it is easy to see each character and the buildings as they create multiple focal points for the viewer to look at.  Overall, this group simply did awesome work on their painting!

This close-up really shows all of the small details including the great outfits each person is wearing
and the ice skates the girl is carrying.


Nick said...

I love this project! I got to see all the steps when I visited you class! The kids seemed to really like it too! I just wish I could be in your class and do all these amazing projects! Those little 7th graders are very lucky to have such a great teacher!

Bostonpoopscoop said...

These are great! The kids did a great job creating these winter wonderlands. Of course, I'm partial to all the cute animals they added in each of these!

one little deer said...

Thanks for the feedback you guys! These paintings fill up the entire art room! It is just as snowy inside as it is outside this week!
I think that the animals and the people add a sense of whimsy and fun to these landscapes. Glad you enjoyed seeing them!