Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adding Color Creates Contrast

Small brushes were used for all of the details!

After the background areas were painted, the students were excited to use pencil to draw all of their buildings, people, animals, trees and objects.  It worked out great because the pencil was easy to erase when drawn on top of the dry tempera paint. Each part needed to be drawn freehand onto the big painted backgrounds.   The students commented on how difficult it was to transfer their rough drafts to this larger, painted final draft paper.  I encouraged them to draw each part slightly larger, rather than have to think of new details to add to the empty spaces.
Each team used masking tape to hang up their rough drafts on the windows and walls around their work area.  That way they could look to this first draft as needed for guidance.
One of the most exciting parts of this lesson was seeing the students add color to their pictures!  The winter landscapes came to life as bright red, yellow, green and many other colors contrasted with all of the snow.  Students were able to mix their own colors or use colors that were poured into plastic cups right out of the bottles.  Each team member needed to be aware of who was painting what, as well as which areas were still wet.
  I am happy to say that there were no major catastrophes involving spills or smudges on the work.  On the other hand, there were quite a few students who left the classroom wearing colors that were not there when they arrived!  A special thanks to Vanessa for her help with a team member who found himself with more than a little green paint on his new black sweatshirt.

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