Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Show me your final four!

Avery did an excellent job with making his personal interests a strong part of his pictures.  I especially love the strong sense of movement that he shows in his second picture of the moment-to- moment motorcycle jump over the road in the desert.  His road trip in picture number three shows unity, which means that all of the parts work together as a whole.  The final picture uses magazine collage and oil pastels to create a pattern.  A pattern is when the artist repeats an object or design in an oganized way. 
It is interesting to note that although the students needed to select only one art principle for each picture, they found that many pictures have more than one art principle used in the composition. 
    Do you see evidence of this in any of Avery's pictures?

Lauren's four pictures are colorful and fun!  The images range from a macaroni dinner, her interest in writing stories about animals, her love of reading and her future plans to visit Paris.  These pictures show the art principles of balance, variety, repetition and unity.  Can you guess which word goes with each picture?

These great pictures belong to Nicole M.  If you would like to see her responses to the questions on the planning worksheet look back a few posts and her worksheet is there.  I am impressed by the details that Nicole was able to fit into these little pictures...equally impressive are the combinations of media!  Check out the close-up of her third picture of an egyptian women in front of a huge pottery jar. Notice the way the collage in the background makes everything really pop!

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Great job Nicole!