Sunday, December 5, 2010

Small Format Assignment

Here is a sample of the planning worksheet that we used to organize our ideas!
 It's second quarter and this is the first lesson that we have completed!  I call this lesson "Working Within a Small Format."  The art assignment is for students to make a series of four small pictures, each only 4 x 6 in size.  For this lesson they learned about important art vocabulary words called the elements and principles of art.   
    The students needed to select four vocabulary words from the list on the back of the worksheet and then demonstrate their understanding of each word by making a picture to illustrate its definition.  The word bank at the bottom of the worksheet asked the students to choose the media that they would create each picture with.  Each media is an art material, and more than one media used together results in a mixed-media work of art! I asked the students to think carefully about how they could combine media to produce different results. 
   Next, everyone drew a rough draft of their four pictures and then used the light table to trace their work onto a white final draft paper.
The light table is a useful tool to save time, but it requires concentration!
Jeremy's work looks awesome with marker outlines!
     Once their final drafts were drawn in pencil, the students moved on to outlining each part with a black sharpie marker. This step was very important because the black outline helped every small detail to really show up !

Selina used oil pastels for her first picture.
    Over the next few class periods, everyone worked hard to add a variety of media to each of their small format pictures.  Some of the media choices included oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, magazine collage, watercolor paints, and tempera paints.  It was exciting to watch the different ways that each student chose to combine the media to achieve the results that they were looking for!
Caitlyn decided to work on many pictures at once!  Notice the way she is adding collage to her bottom picture.
 Be sure to check back soon to see the end results of this assignment and read about the ways that the students learned about the elements and principles of art!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a new middle school art teacher and I love your lessons and ideas! Could you tell me what method you used to teach the elements and principles of art before your students created their small format designs. Their work is evident of their understanding of these concepts. Thanks!

one little deer said...

Thank you for your compliments! Please be sure to become of a follower of my site :) YOu and others like you help me to feel validated through sharing my work!

I made a handout listing and defining the elements and principles. ( they store this in their skecthbook/journals). Then I hung up exemplar artworks to illustrate each definition. Each poster was assigned a number. Students could approach the board to see the work up close. then they wrote down which poster best corresponded with each art term. Sometimes a poster would show more than one...this led to a great introductory discussion and allowed for an active learning experience for everyone! Good luck in school! I just finished year fifteen!