Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictures showing art principles!

Nicole Q. shows balance in this picture of her favorite meal.

Let's take a closer look at some individual examples of student artwork that show evidence of a strong understanding of the art principles that we learned about.  Each student was required to make four small format pictures, so you are seeing only a sample of their work here.

Maddie P. made this picture about her favorite meal, tacos!  She is showing evidence of the art principle emphasis. In art,  emphasis is the part of the picture where the artist wants the viewer to look.   Here she used magazine collage to create a huge taco while four small guys look at it from the background.   Placing an object right in the center of the picture can be a smart way to create emphasis .  Nicely done, Maddie!

In this picture, Madison Y. is using the art principles of emphasis and repetition.  She made this image in response to the worksheet question that asked about each student's future plans.  She used the graduation cap to symbolize her plans to graduate from college.  She shows evidence of emphasis by making one cap very large and in the middle of the picture.  She uses repetition simply by repeating  a smaller version of the cap many times.  I really like her decision to use tempera paints on the caps and oil pastels for the grass. Good work!

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