Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kevin gets to work...

     After being inspired by the art of Surrealism, I decided to teach a mixed-media lesson that required students to show the interior of an imaginary house.  Here we see Kevin H. as he works on the assignment.  The perimeter of the house is formed by arranged craft sticks that are glued onto the paper.  The characters and objects inside the house are magazine pictures that have been carefully cut and arranged within each room.  He is starting to add his own drawings to each area to help complete each section.
    The students were asked to make unusual combinations of parts, similar to the style of Surrealist art.  Lets' see how each student added their own unique ideas to make a house that truly has "Rooms Full  of Imagination."  Catchy title, right?

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Anonymous said...

hey i know you kevin you are in all of my classe snad u can do a split like meh nice pictuer