Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Everyone has the right to be crazy." ~Salvador Dali

"I am Salvador Dali and I think that Mrs. D. looks amazing in her mustache."

"It's unreal, how surreal,  I feel."~ Mrs. D.
  Ah, yes...  I feel the need to share this photo of me wearing a mustache while I think about the art of Salvador Dali.  Who is he, you ask?  He is a very famous and popular painter that you should know about!  He was part of a group of artists who started an art movement called, "Surrealism".  Surrealism is all about combining things in unusual or thought-provoking ways. 
 Dali was an artist who was interested in creating paintings that showed objects in mysterious, strange and unusual combinations.  His paintings can be difficult to understand because many of his ideas came from his dreams or just popped into his head.  Dali and the other Surrealist painters hoped that their art would make people think in new ways and stir up emotions and feelings.
I hope you are interested in learning more about Surrealism and Dali.  You should check out these cool websites!
(and enter Dali in the search box.)
Then go see : 
A museum in Florida is dedicated to his art.


jeanae said...

After reading your unit on Surrealism in our online class, it's terrific to be able to see your Blog that relates to Surrealism! I cracked up at the photo of you in the black mustasshe--so humorous and creative! Enjoy your Thanksgiving break next week. MJ

Maggie said...

HAHAA MRS. D! Love the picture!

soccerchick said...

lol i love both photos lol. i kinda know what surreal is but kinda dont soo what is it???? oh yeah i think on the last day of school we should all come in with a mustache or beard that looks weird but we made it. that would be fun it would be like a mustace partyyy!!!!