Friday, November 26, 2010

Dan's The Man !

Ok, so some of the boys in my classes can't get away from their love of sports...even for a minute!
Even so, in his picture Dan R. has managed to produce an exceptional picture that meets the criteria for this lesson and stays true to his personal preferences.  I told him that no one would mistake this house for being made by a girl!  It radiates masculinity, but still has a sense of fun.  Check out the basketball guy doing a lay-up with a huge pickle spear!  I also love the orange of the house against the light blue sky; way to create contrast, Dan!

Derrick's Details Rule!

The students didn't have to make a house that was traditional in size or shape.  In fact, some students chose to have some fun distorting the architecture!  In this picture, Derrick has created a house that has so many crazy details that the whole thing looks like it is bursting with movement!  Look closely at the super little drawings of animals and other things that he has added to give the viewer as much to look at as possible. Derrick, you rock!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Erin's House of Weirdness!

Here is an excellent example of an awesome house that was created by Erin P. This picture is very detailed and each room shows something highly unusual and interesting.  I especially appreciate the extra work she did by constructing the stairway.   Look at the amazing variety of colors that she used! This picture is anything but boring!  Way to go, Erin!
A super cool close-up of Erin's work.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is Surreal...

In this image, Thomas combines three magazine pictures with his own drawings to make a thought-provoking image. Is this guy trying to deposit his brain into the jar? Maybe he is trying to suck out the brain that is already in the jar becuase he needs one for himself!
Whatever way you view it, Thomas has made an image that makes people think and that's always a good thing to do when you're making art!
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Weird and wacky images...

  Here are some close-ups of some interesting images that Larissa, Adrian and Michaela made!

Crazy lady jack hammers her sandwich!

The "Watch-man" comes downstairs to "Watch" TV!

                           Bulldog trapped in icecream drumsticks!

Michaela adds details...

I really like this picture because you can see this artwork in progress.  At this stage, each of the rooms has an
interesting combination of magazine pictures.  When we cut, arrange and glue magazine pictures together to make art we are creating a collage.  I love to use collage in my pictures because this technique lets you take a break from drawing everything.  You can also see that she is adding details and background color with several different colored pencils.  Fot this assignment, the students were asked to use at least eight different colored pencils to add background color or original drawings to the rooms in their houses.  It looks like Michaela is well on her way to creating a very successful picture!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The giant eye!

Once the sticks were arranged and glued to form the rooms of their houses, the fun really began when they searched for magazine pictures.  I asked everyone to find different pictures that could be glued together in unusual combinations.  Does this picture make you say "Hmmmm...I wonder that's all about?"  If it does, then Felicia did a great job on this part of her work!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Noelle adds more color...

     At this stage in the lesson we can see that Noelle is adding color to each interior by using colored pencils in contrasting colors.  Contrasting colors are like color opposites.  For example, if she had a blue ocean then an orange fish would show up well in the picture.  Some of the magazine pictures were difficult to see, but the addition of contrasting background colors really helped make these pictures show up better.
     To see an example of contrasting colors on a wall in my house you can click on this link:
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Kevin gets to work...

     After being inspired by the art of Surrealism, I decided to teach a mixed-media lesson that required students to show the interior of an imaginary house.  Here we see Kevin H. as he works on the assignment.  The perimeter of the house is formed by arranged craft sticks that are glued onto the paper.  The characters and objects inside the house are magazine pictures that have been carefully cut and arranged within each room.  He is starting to add his own drawings to each area to help complete each section.
    The students were asked to make unusual combinations of parts, similar to the style of Surrealist art.  Lets' see how each student added their own unique ideas to make a house that truly has "Rooms Full  of Imagination."  Catchy title, right?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Everyone has the right to be crazy." ~Salvador Dali

"I am Salvador Dali and I think that Mrs. D. looks amazing in her mustache."

"It's unreal, how surreal,  I feel."~ Mrs. D.
  Ah, yes...  I feel the need to share this photo of me wearing a mustache while I think about the art of Salvador Dali.  Who is he, you ask?  He is a very famous and popular painter that you should know about!  He was part of a group of artists who started an art movement called, "Surrealism".  Surrealism is all about combining things in unusual or thought-provoking ways. 
 Dali was an artist who was interested in creating paintings that showed objects in mysterious, strange and unusual combinations.  His paintings can be difficult to understand because many of his ideas came from his dreams or just popped into his head.  Dali and the other Surrealist painters hoped that their art would make people think in new ways and stir up emotions and feelings.
I hope you are interested in learning more about Surrealism and Dali.  You should check out these cool websites!
(and enter Dali in the search box.)
Then go see : 
A museum in Florida is dedicated to his art.