Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Same inspiration: Different Results!

This is the image that Matthew D. and Kaitlyn T. studied as they completed their observation worksheets at the beginning of the cone figure lesson.  I allowed only one student from each class to work with each poster, so it is interesting to see how each student came away with a different way of combining the elements that they were inspired by from their poster. 
This poster is about the cycle of life and uses symbolism to show the bond between three generations of males in a family.  This image is from a contemporary (living) hispanic artist and was painted with oil paints.
Here are the two- dimensional and three- dimensional interpretations of Kaitlyn's Skeleton figure. 
There are several similarities between her drawing and her sculpture, but you may also notice that she was able to use some artistic freedom by making revisions to the final version of the sculpture.

On the other hand, Matthew D. created an original skeleton with a whole different vibe and personality!  It'd obvious that he is more than pleased with the results of his hard work!


Nick said...

It looks like your students really liked this project! I am green with! Congats art teacher of the year! See you soon! :D

one little deer said...

Thanks! This project would have been perfect for you and your "style" of art. Check back to see pictures of the finished display case soon. :)

kingkongdf7 said...

i did like my project :)

one little deer said...

You worked hard and you had alot of fun! I'm glad that you enjoyed this lesson!