Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madison with a new little friend!

   Here is Madison B. shaking hands with an excellent example of a cone figure that has exceeded the standards! Her character is of an old man who we all think looks like a college professor.  She did an amazing job of using the additive method to build out the facial features. Notice the way that the nose is three-dimensional! She thoughtfully added details to give evidence that she has made solid connections to what she observed from the poster she selected.
    Some of these details include the vines she painted on the clothing, the yarn she pulled apart to make his fluffy hair and of course, the neon green glasses she made from pipe cleaners.  Her figure is jointed, so that the arms are moveable thanks to the addition of nails that act as hinges. 

See if you can spot any of the other ways that this figure was inspired by this painting!

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